Myriam B


About me

I was born in Canada in a family of passionate storytellers. I too felt the urge to tell. To entertain definitely, but mainly to connect.



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Bella Vita Films was created in 2017 to help local video passionates get as much experience as they can on set. Since then, we have produced several shorts, web series and music videos.



It was the summer of 1984, the page was blank. My mother confined me to my room until I was able to produce a five page essay on the reasons why I didn’t listen to her when she asked me to clean up my toys. 

Five pages. I knew precisely what she was doing and how proud of herself she must have been for coming up with such a clever new breed of punishments that combined both parenting and education. I wouldn’t go down without a fight.

My crayon started to write down the first word until five pages later, I was able to write a whole world of reasons why I wouldn’t put my toys away. 

When I handed her my paper, she tried to conceal her amusement while reading the title. “You wrote this”, she asked as I was defiantly smiling. As the pages were turning, the internal combat was apparent in my mother’s eyes: she was enjoying my story but wouldn’t let it show. After finishing the last page, she slowly returned to the first one. 

 “The little bicycle who didn’t want to be put away, by Myriam Baillargeon” she read out loud. 

We looked at each other for a while, both aware of the other one’s defiant bluff. Without commenting the adventure, she told me I was free to go and play.

And I did. I played myself all kinds of scenarios and was obsessed with trying to figure out how more entertaining and emotional my stories could be.

Judging by the number of copies I had to turn in over the years (way more than any of my siblings) it was pretty obvious that I was either a wonderful writer or a little brat. Maybe both. 

In any case, don’t you think you want me on your team?